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Just the right height for most.

Adjust's to most body types with little effort stable when on level ground. It will work on slanted surfaces, just a bit trickier to use please do not use on steep incline or very uneven surfaces you will fall over.Probably in the deposit you just made.At 12inch high 10inches long and 2 inches wide when closed. And only 38oz in total weight.


Bio Bags

Try to use bio-degradable waste bags When ever possible and dispose of properly most bags will fit around chair arms to catch waste.Will stay in place once you sit on. Or dig appropriate size cat hole. At least 8” deep  and 200 ft. From any water source.

Once hole is dug  just place backpackjohn right above hole. Then fill in hole after task is complete.


Spillage no problem

If any spillage happens like most camping and outdoor gear just rinse with water.

Please get familiar with state rules for disposing of human waste properly.

Used bag can be tied onto backpackjohn so there is nothing in you actual backpack from you’re new hiking toilet.


all outdoor adventures camping gear

Great addition for any outdoor activity


Now you can stay outdoors a little longer

Keep one in the car for road trips


Just in case the  spicy nachos Kick in.

Disguised in design not noticeable unless you already have one


 It looks like a wheel lock or small chair for camping and outdoor gear.